Concepted, created and executed top-to-bottom branding and identity for Cull & Pistol, a gastropub-style seafood restaurant in Chelsea Market, NYC.     



Maine-meets-Chelsea Piers

The owners of the popular Lobster Place seafood restaurant in New York City's Chelsea Market wanted to expand on their success and open a companion seafood restaurant next door, with the idea of delivering exceptionally fresh Maine seafood to the NYC market.

As a clever nod to the fishing industry, The name Cull & Pistol references two lobstering terms  one, a lobster missing one claw (cull), the other missing both (pistol). 


Industrial inspiration 

A number of different concepts were presented to the client along with this one, all visually different and playing up a different angle of the business. For this direction, I wanted to emphasize the elements of an industrial shipyard, focusing on raw metals, dark steel grays and Browns, and rusty oxbloods. 


Textural elements also played a large role in allowing this to come to life and inspired a gritty look and feel.