A New York Style typeface

I first sought out to find a tall gothic typeface reminiscent of New York City industrial engravings. Inspired by the shape of the ampersand in the name, I sought out to transform this element into a fishing hook.


What happened at first was a shape that started to feel too delicate the tall, upright qualities weren't working in my favor, and looked instead like a small fishing lure. The hook that I wanted to achieve was larger, bulkier, and more like a pulley hook. 


After struggling digitally in this process for some time, I took the process off the computer and began to sketch on paper again, this time using a bolded ampersand from Baskerville as my inspiration. 

When I finally arrived at the perfect shape, I scanned it in for digital manipulation. To match this wider, more decorative new look, subtle outline shading and hand-rendered serifs were added to the typeface. It instantly felt punchier, and held its own next to the visually prominent hook.