Utility and curation

The redesigned box page allows for the perfect balance of utility and curation. The top skyline image introduces the theme front and center, building a curated framework for the products below. Within that image, the theme and month are announced and a dropdown allows users to fluidly navigate between months. 


The module of thumbnails below the skyline gives subscribers a quick glance of all of their samples and allows them to toggle between them. Toggling the products in this view changes out the product information below, allowing for a deeper level of information to be learned about each product. From this expanded view, subscribers can purchase, add to favorites, review, read product information, and browse & filter posted reviews.


Additional "helpful" voting functionality was added in to the reviews section, allowing for users to prioritize content themselves. This sets up a paradigm that pushes relevant information to the top and less helpful information toward the bottom. 


Building off this initial approach, we flushed out mobile web version of the box page that leveraged the same features in a more tap-able and digestible way. From a list of months in a grid of theme imagery, subscribers can easily revisit their past boxes and swipe through past samples from each month, clicking to view deeper content about individual products. Rather than making this a lightweight version of the desktop experience, we challenged ourselves to include all the same features and functionality. 


In addition, a "samples history" page was designed to serve as the history page for every sample received from Birchbox. This way, someone looking for a sample from a previous month can flip to this view and scan all past products at once rather than flipping in between months on the box detail page. 


Because of this effort, each subscriber now gets their own space on the site that's personal, intimate and curated while still exposing them to the larger e-commerce features of the larger site. It's a space that each subscriber can call their home within Birchbox.com and interact with their products at their own pace.


In collaboration with Birchbox

Caley Ostrander, Heather Shoon, Christian Wallin, Jess Williams

Charlie Cooper, Lyndsay Nevins, Kathleen Lynch

Shilpan Baghat, Jason Walker Yung

Dave Morrison