Created a brand, print and digital ecommerce experience for Stylecable, a new destination for discovering up-and-coming fashion designers and their one-of-a-kind pieces.



Unique, one-of-a-kind finds wherever you are.

Emerging brand Stylecable aspired to become an innovative destination for style finds created by up-and-coming designers. In addition to traditional e-commerce, a crowd funding component would offer a direct dialogue between designers and buyers interested in supporting and preordering their pieces.

In order to launch their vision, a new identity and e-commerce website needed to be created that would spark excitement in investors, designers and buyers. 



A fashion-forward solution.

The identity needed to communicate the core value proposition and feel on-trend with a hint of classicism to carry it through ever-changing trends and seasons.


The wordmark serves as the visual foundation for the brand, rendered in a modern and era-neutral typeface that will look fresh for years to come.




To be flexible enough as a system and to account for various types of uses in different situations, the logomark was created to be used in tandem with or separately from the wordmark.



Throughout the identity system, the black and white is used to give the brand a sleek, minimal and cutting-edge look, and is balanced with images that reflect the creative, bespoke element in an abstract way.



A completely new fashion destination.

When designing for the website, the same visual cues were used from the branding to enhance the overarching look and feel.


To reinforce the unique craftsmanship, designers of the pieces are featured prominently throughout the site and are given just as much importance as their purchasable items.



The crowd-funding component is introduced in the “Make It Mine” section, where designs are listed with progress bars that show the percentage of funding. If enough people preorder a given item, the item will be produced in mass and sold on




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Caley Ostrander

Caley Ostrander