Concepted and designed an interactive, shoppable lookbook for The Row.  



Introducing an atypical e-commerce experience

As part of a pitch effort, we were looking to design a popup-shop experience that would allow for shopping of a few select items on The Row's online site. The main priority throughout this effort was to introduce shopping in an elegant way that fit with the brand's minimal, subdued image. 


After concepting multiple executions, the idea of a shoppable video lookbook seemed the most fitting to create the subtle experience we were aiming for. In this execution, the video is added onto the homepage of the site, completely taking over the large, ambient imagery there at the moment.



Travel as Inspiration

Since so much of the brand's inspiration is drawn from worldly experiences and much of the clothing is intentionally designed for travel and comfort, we focused our efforts around journies as a theme for the overall experience. 

Although this became the theme, we were careful to not feature this in a literal way — the air of mystery and subtlety was still important to maintain. The idea of the journey was deconstructed into moments in time, the journey of a singular woman wearing these luxurious pieces, moving through small moments in her day. 



Focusing on quality and craft

Filmed in an ambient style, the videos highlight the quality of the products — a shoulder peeking from a soft cashmere sweater, a hand hailing a taxi with a structured leather bag swinging from the elbow, the hems of perfectly tailored pants as legs cross beneath a cafe table. 

In order to keep this ambient feel and not be too product-heavy we split the video concept into three separate videos, each featuring three complete looks. Rough storyboards were written for each video, and individual items were mapped out for each scene. 



From the homepage, the user would be given the choice of three videos to watch, getting a preview on rollover of key scenes. Upon selecting a video, a full page would load to play it full screen. 


Below, a timeline indicated the video progress and length and was separated into three segments, one look per segment. Key frame markers were then mapped out within each segment indicating where a particular piece from the look was introduced. Upon hover of this key frame, a quiet call to action would drive to the individual shop page for that piece.

A small CTA to the right allowed viewers to shop the entire look currently playing at any point during the scene.



Shopping pages

The deeper-level shopping pages gave people the same level of simplicity and subtlety as the videos. Rather than inundating users with too much information and excess ecommerce features, we intentionally dialed those back to allow for a cleaner experience. 

The "shop the look" pages (seen below) housed all of the pieces in each video by look, with the ability to swipe through each of the three looks. On rollover, the product would flip to reveal high-level product information. Users could also toggle between the different videos from a higher level filter to shop other looks as well. 



Since many of The Row's customers often purchase entire looks rather then individual pieces, the ability to add a whole look to the shopping bag with one click was crucial. To allow for this and still capture important sizing information, this was tucked away into a modal that appeared after clicking "add to look to bag".


The single product detail page (seen below) was equally as minimal as the look pages. Here, a single product was called out with basic care instructions and size. 



New Checkout Pages

To round out the experience, a new checkout flow was introduced, leveraging the same minimal design theme. Necessary features like error states, buttons, and form fields were designed in a flat style to keep the experience looking clean and simple.




In collaboration with VSA

Caley Ostrander, Chiu Ping Chiu, Wai Fong, Lynn Yeom

The Row

Mike Wang

Zach Seeley